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While working the summer Outlaw triathlon in Nottingham, PHYSIOLAB encountered Sam Pictor as he triumphed in his race. Fast forward 6 months and we are delighted to announce that we are now working alongside Sam professionally, as he continues to compete throughout 2019. A big advocate for PHYSIOLAB and cryotherapy, Sam will be utilising our products during his intense training periods and competitions.


Sam is a British professional triathlete based in the South-West of England. Having found a passion, Sam unexpectedly qualified and later won the European Duathlon Championships for his age group in 2015. He then decided to train properly throughout the 2016 season. Fast forward to 2019, Sam has recently received his professional license and is competing at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice this September. This season he hopes to land as many podium positions as possible.


Training for triathlon is no barrel of laughs. Serious triathletes train several times a day and have to divide their time among swimming, running and cycling. Sam first came into contact with PHYSIOLAB® at the Nottingham Outlaw Half 2018, where our S1 units were being utilised to help the competitors recover from the race. Sam achieved first place and spent some time trialling the PHYSIOLAB® units, while talking with the team. Luckily for Sam, he is now supported by the S1 and utilises it regularly in order to prevent injuries and aid his recovery. He hopes that the PHYSIOLAB® S1 will be a sturdy support system for his big season ahead.


“Ever since I first tried the PHYSIOLAB® S1 unit after the Outlaw Half, I’ve been excited to get hold of one and put it into practice. I’ve now been using my own unit for several months and it’s become my standard recovery method after any tough training session. The effective mix of cold compression really re-energises the legs and I’ve felt that it’s dealt with any knocks before they’ve become a real issue. Being able to prevent injuries will become a key part of my upcoming season, as it allows me to train consistently and race at a higher level!”
– Sam Pictor


We’re excited to work with Sam and follow his journey this year! To find out more about PHYSIOLAB® and how we help athletes optimise their recovery and reduce chances of injury, please contact us: customerservices@physiolab.com.