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We’re delighted to announce that as of March 2019, Physiolab are working in partnership with Game Changer Performance (GCP): one of the UK’s leading sports performance companies based at St George’s Park – the UK’s central football hub.


About GCP


GCP deliver a range of sports performance services and programmes to players throughout the UK, from all tiers of the football league (both male and female). Their placement in St George’s Park and their combination of multi-disciplinary staff and services means that GCP is optimally positioned to host the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) residential rehabilitation programme, where professional footballers come to progress their recovery from injury:


“The PFA rehabilitation scheme provides its members with intensive rehabilitation to assist and guide them to overcome injuries unfortunately sustained. In addition to rehabilitating in a world-class facility, the expert rehabilitation support will ensure that every member is cared for individually.”
– Pete Talbot, Head Physiotherapist at GCP


Our Partnership


GCP have recently added PHYSIOLAB’s S1 units to the service they offer, enabling their clients to access high quality and effective cryotherapy treatment as an adjunct to their rehabilitation programme. The PHYSIOLAB S1 is a portable solution that reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, making it a great toolkit addition to any physiotherapists or clinicians working to manage acute injuries, chronic pain condition or post-surgical rehabilitation. It is a proven way to accelerate recovery times, naturally.


“We use PHYSIOLAB® everyday with our PFA players and it has become a very valuable tool. The temperature feedback we receive from the unit makes it different to any other product that I have used before. The PHYSIOLAB® units have been used on elite level footballers for various injuries ranging from ACL reconstruction surgery to players following acute muscle injuries.”
– Pete Talbot, Head Physiotherapist at GCP


PHYSIOLAB® are very excited to support GCP and their clients this year, while they embark upon their rehab journeys. For more information on the services GCP offer, check out their Instagram. To find out more about PHYSIOLAB® and how we help athletes achieve improved clinical outcomes, please contact us: customerservices@physiolab.com.