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The PHYSIOLAB S1 cryotherapy unit is used to treat a range of issues, ranging from chronic pain conditions through to strains, tears and fractures. However, our units are most frequently recommended for use following orthopaedic surgery, due to cryotherapy being effective when it comes to the natural management of common post-surgical symptoms: pain, swelling and inflammation. We’ve outlined the 4 key reasons that everybody should utilise PHYSIOLAB as part of their post-surgical treatment plan.


Reason 1: Swiftly reduce swelling


Following surgery, a patient is very likely to suffer from Oedema (swelling) and it is important to reduce this as soon as possible. This is because early swelling reduction will enable the patient to regain range of movement and progress through rehabilitation at an earlier stage. As PHYSIOLAB’s S1 combines cold therapy with intermittent compression, swelling reduction can often be seen after just one treatment. For instance: take a look at the below image (taken at the Outlaw triathlon event last year). As you can see, the swelling reduction is very apparent after one 15 minute therapy. Now imagine what difference this level of swelling reduction would make in post-surgical cases!



Reason 2: PHYSIOLAB will naturally manage your pain


Morphine and other painkillers can provide you with short-term pain relief, but it’s important to minimise their use following surgery due to their unwanted side effects. PHYSIOLAB provides a natural way to manage pain, as the cold therapy produces an analgesic effect on the treatment area. This has proven to be highly effective and multiple orthopaedic surgeons recommending PHYSIOLAB have occasionally found that no painkillers have been required! Watch the below video (00:44 onwards), where orthopaedic surgeon Professor Lee explains how he uses the PHYSIOLAB device on post-surgical patients to help with swelling and pain. He touches upon the downfalls of opiate-use (addiction and sickness) and explains why managing pain with the PHYSIOLAB S1 device leads to better outcomes all round.



Reason 3: Recover quicker than you ever imagined


When swelling and pain is reduced, the patient can increase their mobility and begin their rehabilitation at an earlier stage. This provides the potential for a better overall clinical outcome and a shorter recovery time for the patient. In the below video, Luton Town FC’s physio Simon Parsell explains how one of his players suffered a serious injury (dislocated ankle and broken his fibula) and had to undergo an operation (01:14 onwards). By utilising the PHYSIOLAB unit post-surgery, the player’s swelling was greatly reduced and Simon was able to work on range of movement at an early stage. This, combined with good physiotherapy and rehabilitation support, meant the player in question was able to return to play 3 months earlier than expected!



Reason 4: No matter where you go, Physiolab is by your side


The PHYSIOLAB S1 comes inside a durable pelicase, meaning it can be transported from A to B safely and securely. Patients can reap the benefits of PHYSIOLAB immediately post-surgery, as the portability aspect means they can use it in hospital and then take it home after being discharged. The unit also hosts an auto-repeat setting, meaning patients can leave the unit on overnight and the unit will deliver a therapy every couple of hours!



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